New TMR Structure Values Freight – QTLC Media Release 2nd August 2012

The new structure for the Department of Transport and Main Roads was unveiled yesterday by Director-General, Michael Caltabiano.

The “logical” re-structure of the Department has seen an alignment of operational and policy functions related to freight transport and logistics and a renewed emphasis on integrating policy, planning and investment to support and sustain a productive, safe and efficient freight transport network.

Adopting a truly multi-modal approach, the Rail, Ports and Freight division will be renamed the Roads, Rail and Freight Systems Management Branch and will be responsible for defining and promoting a safe, efficient and effective road, port and rail freight system.

Within the Policy, Planning and Investment division, the Roads, Rail and Freight Systems Management Branch will work closely with the Portfolio Investment and Programming Branch and the Policy and Planning Branch to ensure that investments in the transport network are aligned with long term strategic planning for better freight and logistics outcomes.

“The new structure demonstrates Minister Emerson’s and Director-General Caltabiano’s recognition that efficient supply chains and productive freight movements, as well as strategic and coordinated infrastructure investment, is required to ensure that the economic benefits tied to new four pillar economy are realised” said QTLC Chair, Neil Findlay.

“Re-alignment of freight transport functions well places the Department to meet the challenges associated with a growing, yet constrained, freight task”

The announcement of the Department’s restructure follows the QTLC Freight Future Forum held on the 18th July 2012.

Minister Emerson and Director-General Caltabiano attended the Forum and meaningfully engaged with senior representatives from organisations critical to Queensland’s supply chains on a range of freight transport and logistics matters.  A Communique from the event will be issued shortly.

“During the Forum, the Minister and Director-General clearly indicated the value they place on freight and a willingness to work with industry to strengthen the freight transport network and this evident in the alignment of freight functions in Department” said Mr Findlay.

“The QTLC will continue to be the conduit between government and the freight transport and logistics industry to influence policy, regulation, infrastructure planning and investment to achieve sustainable and productive supply chains”.