The QTLC together with Transport and Main Roads offered to 2 grants of $50,000 with the aim of encouraging and supporting Queensland based industries in identifying, trialling and evaluating innovative freight practices that will reduce urban congestion, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and deliver a more efficient and effective freight network.

The successful recipients of the Freight Smart Grant Scheme, Cannon Logistics and Strategix Training Group completed successful trials of their proposals and have presented their final reports to the QTLC.

Cannon Logistics trials tested Ice COLD Technology’s ability to deliver improved refrigeration efficiencies and fuel and carbon emission savings across the Australian refrigeration transport industry.  The trials aimed to deliver savings by restoring lost efficiency caused by oil fouling which occurs naturally in refrigeration.

The trials proved successful and were completed on trailers in an “In Yard” and “On Road” environment.  The average cost recovery period across both Continuous mode and Sentry Cycle mode is 7.46 months. 

Return on Investment (ROI) results were calculated on trailer loads that most closely reflected typical operating conditions and was based 10 years of life usage.

Strategix Training Group presented their final In2Green product to the QTLC’s CEO on 25 May 2012 and includes a:

  • In2 Green workbook
  • In2Green instruction DVD
  • IN2Green template CD

The program has ten easy steps to follow.  It enables users to plan their routes in a more efficient manner, to allow optimum vehicle utilisation, while reducing urban congestion. It outlines programs such as eco-driving and smart planning applied to vehicles, including trucks to demonstrate efficiencies gained by implementing these programs.  Eco drive trials have resulted in the reduction of fuel burn at an average of 22%.

Information relating to the Freight Smart Grant proposals will be available on the QTLC website.  

The next steps will be to promote the final products, the QTLC will work with Cannon Logistic and Strategix Training to ensure that the benefits are shared with the freight and transport industry.