At the QTLC Freight Futures Forum held on 18 July 2012, critical issues associated with the transportation of freight on rail were identified by major rail users.  Forum attendees noted specific challenges for the general movement of freight.  It was acknowledged that to maintain the competitiveness and viability of rail, and to address these challenges, low cost priorities were required.

In response to the issues raised, the QTLC in partnership with Queensland Rail (QR) conducted the North Coast Line (NCL) Supply Chain and Rail Forum on Friday 22 March, to qualify these challenges and to identify potential solutions aimed at improving NCL freight services and the supply chain.

The North Coast Rail Line (NCRL) is vital rail infrastructure that carries in excess of 11 million net tonnes of various products annually along the coast of Queensland from Brisbane right through to Cairns. Its efficiency and reliability is impacted by critical impediments.

The Forum was well attended by key stakeholders from across industry, government and QR to contribute to discussions around impediments identified, how best to mitigate these and testing the feasibility and appropriateness of potential opportunities to improve the overall rail service.

Outcomes, priorities and actions generated from the forum will be formalised into a Communique and submitted to QR and the Department of Transport and Main Roads for their consideration and action.  It will also be made available to forum attendees and QTLC Members and Industry Associate Members on the QTLC website by the end of May.