Queensland has a handful of ZE trucks on the road and a few projects in the pipeline, but the share is well below 0.5% of new sales. Motivated by the fact that road transport accounted for around 85% of transport emissions (or about 16% of Australia’s total emissions) in 2018, QTLC in 2022 launched a report into the ‘sweet spots’ for Electric Vehicle (EV) trucks in Queensland, identifying market potential to 2025 as well as constraining factors.

ZE trucks are those that can run on electricity or hydrogen, both of which can be sourced from renewable sources and can eliminate tailpipe emissions.

The report contained a series of actions for stakeholders as well identifying two accelerator opportunities which have the potential to significantly address the barriers industry faces. One of these accelerator opportunities is supporting a Zero Emission (ZE) transport precincts and hubs model which proposes to use high traffic areas as a launching pad to:

Try out ZE models

Share resources and learnings for fleets, industry and government

Provide a platform to explore infrastructure solutions and

Demonstrate leadership in new technology and sustainability.

QTLC through their Future Freight Energy Hubs program is supporting freight hubs assist their customers and fleets with their ZE  journey through providing independent information on models, costs, infrastructure requirements and other matters such as insurance.