QTLC Welcomes new Board Member Andrew Higgins

Queensland Transport and Logistics Council is very pleased to announce Dr Andrew Higgins appointment to the Board of Directors. Andrew will bring a national research perspective and a wealth of experience and knowledge of freight networks to the Board of QTLC.  

Andrew is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, based in Brisbane with core skills in operations research and transport optimisation. He has a long history of involvement in the freight industry, modelling and optimising complex industry and infrastructure systems, particularly with rail transport planning and logistics, agriculture supply chains, and intermodal transport. Developing TRAnsport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TRANSIT) for the CSIRO, which is a spatial model for simulating transport cost benefits from infrastructure investments (road upgrades, use of rail versus road, processing and storage facilities) and policy interventions in agriculture logistics.

We are all looking forward the valuable insights Andrew will bring to the organisation and the no doubt lively debate.

QTLC is primed and ready to take on new challenges and reach our goal of being the ‘go to’ independent freight and logistics advisory body for Queensland.  

Chair Neil findlay

Andrew will join the team which currently includes, Chair Neil Findlay, Neil Scales, Peter Garske, Andrew Rankin, and Michelle Reynolds, for further details on Board members and QTLC.