The QTLC is developing a report, aimed at making strategic and operational recommendations to improve the development and sustainability of efficient and productive supply chains in Queensland.

To achieve interconnectivity of supply chains, a better integration of modes is integral. The machination of freight is complex and actions to address impediments need to take into consideration upstream and downstream impacts.

The Strengthening Queensland’s Supply Chains 2013-2015 report will critique freight transport and logistics issues according to relevant factors including but not limited to:
• Mode
• Industry
• Key supply chains
• Freight networks and corridors
• Governance
• Regulation and reform
• Infrastructure planning and prioritisation
• Investment and charging models

The report will make recommendations to improve supply chain productivity in Queensland.

It is anticipated that the draft version of the Strengthening Queensland’s Supply Chain report will be available in early 2013 and circulated to industry for feedback and comment.