The existing impediments to an efficient and sustainable supply chain are complex and varied.  The added pressures of an expanding population, increased demands for goods and services and growth in industry, particularly in mining, can test the resilience of the supply chain.

The QTLC, cognisant of these challenges, has developed “Strengthening Queensland Supply Chain 2013-2015” (SQSC).    The report makes strategic and operational recommendations to Government to improve the development and sustainability of efficient and productive supply chains in Queensland according to: priority, impact and cost.

The SCQC Report suggests priorities that are aimed at unlocking latent capacity in the freight system rather than relying on funding enhancement, these include:

  • Better data collection and management to inform infrastructure investment, policy decisions and prioritisation
  • Develop a Rail Network Operational (Efficiency) Policy to provide greater rail network and operational efficiency
  • Private-public sector Advisory Board, independently chaired, to facilitate transparent Restricted Access Vehicle systems, processes and decision-making criteria to better balance freight efficiency, safety, asset and economic objectives
  • Governments, in collaboration with industry develop Priority Freight Routes and instruments to protect in planning schemes

The QTLC will submit the report to the Queensland government and conduct bi-annual reviews of progress made in addressing the issues and implementing the recommendations.  The SQSC will be made available on the QTLC’s website to QTLC Members and Industry Associate Members at the beginning of May.