Queensland Transport and Logistics Council Chairman Neil Findlay welcomed in new Chief Executive Officer Renata Berglas (pictured) this week. Renata is taking over the role following Charles Burkes’ move back to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to head up the team transitioning the Queensland Agriculture Colleges.   

Renata brings with her a wealth of skills in industry engagement, issue identification and navigating government to achieve results. Her previous roles in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and AgForce Queensland Farmers provide a strong base in policy development and application. She has found pathways to progress industry issues, amend legislation to facilitate competitive markets and collaborated with Government on biosecurity strategy development and action planning from industries perspective. 

Queensland is a net commodity exporter with 85 per cent of this being coal and the next largest commodity exported is beef. Where coal has a direct freight task to port, reliable supply and dedicated rail slots, beef is complex often intermodal and unique. The movement of live cargo hauled by small one truck businesses through to large scale operations, from breeding property, to fattening and on to processing facilities primarily in the South East of the state. Followed by truck transportation of finished product through to the port. 

    “Facilitating agricultural freight networks is my comfortable place and I am looking forward to expanding my horizons with general freight in this role.” Renata said.

    “The QTLC is in a good space with a new strategic plan, and engagement strategy. We are focused on growing our stakeholder base and delivering value to industry participants. QTLC is primed and ready to take on new challenges build partnerships and grow.” Neil said 

Added to this the Government has now released the much anticipated Queensland Freight Strategy – Advancing Freight in Queensland and plans to develop a two year rolling action plan. There are clear opportunities in the strategy to leverage industry investment and facilitate improved freight outcomes, and QTLC is in a unique position to facilitate engagement and articulate the issues. 

    “I am looking forward to seizing all opportunities to work with industry, identifying constraints in the system and collaborating with government to find public private answers to Queensland freight task.” Renata said