On 10 May the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure agreed to the National Land Freight Strategy (NLFS).  The Strategy represents an integrated national approach to planning for the freight demand which is expected to double by 2030. It addresses the issues impacting on freight efficiencies, including freight infrastructure, planning, investment and regulation.

The prevailing issues identified in the NLFS are consistent with those identified in the QTLC’s Strengthening Queensland’s Supply Chain (SQSC), although the SQSC has a strong state focus, it’s outcomes align with the NLFS aims for:

  • freight corridors to unlock productivity potential currently unknown
  • separate management of specific railways
  • consideration being given to opening up more roads to establishing dedicated freight routes and separating passenger trains from freight trains
  • integration of freight policies with transport and land use planning
  • identifying the existing and yet-to-be built roads, rail lines, intermodals, ports and airports which will link together to form a workable, truly national freight network.

The National Transport Commission, industry and local government have worked together in close consultation with Infrastructure Australia to develop an action plan that gives effect to the Strategy’s initiatives.

If you would like to view the Strategy please CLICK HERE.