Infrastructure Australia’s 50 Year National Infrastructure Plan was released 2 July.  The Report to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) outlines the reforms and priority infrastructure needs to ensure that infrastructure networks can respond to the demands of Australia’s changing economy.

Action and reforms outlined in the report include:

  • Establish a single national infrastructure fund
  • Moving from grant funding of infrastructure to a system that encourage e private investment
  • Selling or long-term leasing of government infrastructure assets and re-investing the proceeds in new infrastructure
  • Wider application of user pays funding arrangements, especially but not only in the fright sector, on the proviso that users get a say in scoping new projects

The single national infrastructure fund will provide a national framework underpinned by a single assessment and prioritisation for infrastructure funding, which allows for greater transparency and consistency.

Brisbane Cross River Rail has been included in the $11 billion “ready to proceed” projects that meet Infrastructure Australian’s criteria to help solve a nationally significant infrastructure problem and deliver economic benefits.

“Threshold” projects such as Ipswich Motorway still require a degree of project development before they are a deemed “ready to proceed”.  Projects recognised in the plan as having a “national freight network” are further behind in the process are the; Toowoomba 2nd Range Crossing, the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program, and Landsborough to Beerburrum rail duplication and have been identified as project with “real potential”.

To view the report please CLICK HERE