In2 Green was the product which emerged from Strategix Training Groups successful submission for the Freight Smart Grant Scheme. The grants were offered by the QTLC and the Department of Transport and Main Roads to encourage innovative solutions to minimise greenhouse emission for the delivery of more effective freight network.

The In2Green program is designed to provide industry with ten easy steps to follow to cut emissions and establish more sustainable workplace practices, environments and system. In2Green product consists of an In2 Green; Workbook, Instruction DVD, Template CD.    It outlines programs such as eco-driving and smart planning applied to vehicles, including trucks demonstrating efficiencies gained by implementing these programs.  Eco drive trials have resulted in the reduction of fuel burn at an average of 22%.

Seminars were conducted in Townsville, Gladstone, Brisbane and Gold Coast to promote the product and its benefit.  Seminar attendees provided positive feedback on the potential of In2Green to; reduce their carbon footprint and to contribute to productivity gains.

If you would like to receive an In2Green pack please contact Nicki Milios via email,