The Heavy Vehicle Action Plan (HVAP) is a Department of Transport Main Roads (TMR) initiative that aims to achieve a course action over the next 10 years to improve the productivity and efficiency of HPV and Oversize/Overmass vehicles.

The HVAP will assist TMR in prioritising investment that directly facilitates freight efficient vehicle productivity in preference to projects that currently favour routes with a high number of vehicles per day, thus optimising value for that investment.

Industry’s contribution is a vital element to the development of the plan. An industry consultation workshop conducted with representatives from across industry proved invaluable in identifying priority infrastructure issues.

Priorities identified by industry formed the basis for a case study to develop a methodology that uses economic, social and safety levers, to assist TMR regions develop business cases to apply for funding.

HVAP emphasises the needs of freight and heavy vehicles, and as such the QTLC is supportive of the working being undertaken, particularly given the HVAP’s efforts in highlighting the importance of freight to the economy.