With infrastructure firmly on the agenda of the Abbott Government’s first term of office, and key infrastructure projects currently being announced or determined in Queensland at present, the imperative to make long term decisions about Australia’s supply chain needs is critical.

In a refreshing development, the proposed Inland Rail corridor linking Melbourne with Port of Brisbane is getting new impetus with growing support from Federal and State Governments, Port of Brisbane and freight clients.

A true nation-building project, Inland Rail typifies the class of infrastructure development that will underpin Australia’s economy for the next 100 years and beyond.

Inland Rail ticks all of the right boxes in providing sustainable and expandable freight capacity for our domestic and international trade, easing pressure on our strained road networks and dramatically improving rail productivity and performance on the high volume East Coast corridor.

Australia is now at the crossroads and must face up to and make the crucial decisions on the development and funding of this intergenerational lifeline for Australia’s supply chains.

The longer it is deferred, the more costly and difficult it becomes; corridor availability becomes threatened; projected growth in the National freight task remains unaddressed; our global competitiveness comes under further pressure; and latent productivity gains in our export industries remain un-harvested.

It will take Statesman-like leadership and decisions and to create the efficient supply chains we need; supply chains that foster and support domestic and export industries; and job creation.

QTLC is supporting Government and industry in securing the best possible outcomes for this project.