QTLC participates in a hydrogen industry cluster and as such these submissions are a representation of the collective views from the cluster. The clusters mission is to create a dynamic hydrogen industry for the prosperity of all Queensland.

Inland Rail EOI

September 2020

Inland Rail Productivity Enhancement Program provided an opportunity to trial pilot hydrogen production, fuelling and supply chain. Future proofing the infrastructure investment and strategically integrating intermodal facilities into the hydrogen supply chain.

Technology Investment Roadmap

August 2020

Global conditions are favourable to develop the Australian hydrogen supply chain to meet both international and local demand.

Emission Reduction Fund – Carbon Capture and Storage or Utilisation

July 2020

Green hydrogen is the goal but there are scenarios where carbon capture and reuse could play a role. This paper outlines six recommendations for the government to consider for new industry development.

Future Fuels Strategy Discussion Paper

April 2021

The Future Fuel Strategy is a welcome opening into the discussion about Australia’s future passenger and freight vehicle market. The strategy follows similar theme to the Technology Investment Roadmap and other policies creating a consistent message that the Government believes the supply of technology will meet consumer expectations and consumers will address emissions reduction of their own volition.